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Brittany Pasqualone

Co-Owner / Head Artist

AKA the "Cactus" of Cactus & Cedar, grew up in Phoenix, Arizona (hence the Cactus moniker) and is based in Arizona (it's a dry heat). Brittany is the Head Artist and Illustrator of Cactus & Cedar. In 2015, Brittany achieved her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Arizona State University.

Some of Brittany's lesser known talents is that she's a National Haiku Winner, she will tell you the longest knock-knock joke known to man, and she's also the "funny one" of Michelle & Brittany's friend group.

Michelle Tobbi

Co-Owner / Designer

AKA the "Cedar" of Cactus & Cedar, grew up in a Lebanese household (hence the Cedar tree moniker) and is based in Los Angeles, CA. Michelle is the Owner and Designer of Cactus & Cedar. In 2015, Michelle achieved her Bachelor of Film in Film/Screenwriting.

Some of Michelle's lesser known talents is that she is a stand-up comedian, she will quote movies for days on end, and is still irked to this day that SOMEHOW Brittany was dubbed "the funny one" in their friend group (but don't worry she's like TOTALLY over it)

Best Friends turned Business Partners

The two friends met over 10 years ago while working at Disneyland. Launching Starspeeders at Star Tours was just the start of their long-distance friendship. 10+ years of road trips, flights, and lots of snail mail, the pair always knew they'd collaborate on something and Cactus & Cedar is just the start!

Their humorous friendship can be seen all throughout their brand as they stay true to their fun-loving personalities. Brittany and Michelle believe that the world could always use some more laughs, so come laugh at them--wait--no. Come laugh at their funny Greeting Cards and peruse the rest of their site for a while.