Send it Anonymously


Now you can anonymously send any of our Anti-Greeting Cards & Greeting Cards directly to your friends and enemies! 

How it Works

  1. Choose a Card you want to send directly to your friend or enemy
  2. Check the "YES" box under the item before you Add to Cart. (This will tell us that you DO NOT want your name or address anywhere on the shipping label and that we will put Cactus & Cedar's name & information as the return address)
  3. Add to cart!
  4. Checkout REMINDER: You must type your friend/enemy’s address so this card will be sent directly to them.
  5. We will notify you when the item was delivered to your friend/foe


NOTE: When you choose the "Send it Anonymously" Feature, we will not disclose any information to the Recipient you chose at any time. Although, the Recipient may have the option to send a card back to you (through us). We can do this without us disclosing any of your personal information to the Recipient.
NOTE: We are not responsible for any future feuds, fights, or any other damages to relationships by sending insult cards (or greeting cards) to your friends and enemies. We're just the dumb carrier pigeons in this whole thing. Coo-Coo.