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Ya Silly Goose (light Blue background) / This Goose Was Made for Walkin Tote Bag / Goose Tote Bag / Honk

Ya Silly Goose (light Blue background) / This Goose Was Made for Walkin Tote Bag / Goose Tote Bag / Honk

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"Ya Silly Goose" Tote Bag: 

Dressed in a hot pink cowgirl hat and boots, this Goose was made for walkin'! 

Take our Silly Goose Tote with you anywhere! It's tote bag is great for your shopping trips, your local grocery store, or the bookstore.

  • Front Design: "Ya Silly" with an illustration of a Goose in hot pink hat and cowgirl boots  
  • Back Design: "This Goose Was Made for Walkin'" 
  • Tote Bag Size: 16" X 16" inches
  • 100% Polyester canvas tote
  • Choose your own strap color!
  • Inside has a sleek black lining

Love this design? 

We also have our Ya Silly Goose as a Sticker!

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Why buy from us, why not support other randos on the internets? 

Well, I'm glad you asked! 

You'd be supporting 2 cool women randos who are trying to make the best out of our fine arts and screenwriting degrees. You know, those fun degrees that we so willingly threw money at thinking they would help us get jobs in the real world (lol) and now we have to pay back our student loans until the day we die from the chronic back pain caused by carrying around all that debt! 

^^^(Oof, that run-on sentence is why I never got a writing gig) ANYWAY... thank you for your support and for choosing us!

If you have any questions, use our Contact Us page and we'll try to get back to you as soon as humanly possible! 

Brittany & Michelle
Cactus & Cedar

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90% micro polyester; 10% polyamide

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